How to Mash-up/Blend two OBIEE Subject Areas

Modified on Mon, 3 Jul, 2017 at 9:27 AM

Say you have two subject areas:  Sample Sales Lite and Sample Target Lite.   Your goal is to compare Revenue from Sample Sales Lite against Target Revenue from Sample Targets Lite by Office and by Product.  The video below shows you how you can easily do this comparison using BI Connector.  

Step by Step instructions using BI Connector to mash-up/blend two subject areas in Tableau:

1. In Tableau desktop, using BI Connector, create a data source for Samples Sales Lite OBIEE Subject Area with the data needed. 

2. Create a second BI Connector data source for Samples Target Lite OBIEE Subject Area with the data needed.

2. Create relationship between the two subject areas. Most of the fields names are common and Tableau is able to make the connection between the subject area fields

3. Define a custom relationship between Product_1 in Sample Targets Lite subject area and Product in Sample Sales Lite, since they are named different.

4. Drag and drop the required fields - note the dimensions are dropped only once, does not matter from which subject area. The two facts from different subject areas are dropped into the worksheet. 

Tableau will make the connection between the two subject areas using the blending technique.