If you are having trouble activating your BI Connector (either Desktop or Server Edition) due to a network issue such as Proxy authentication/firewall, you can request an offline license activation for BI Connector.  Here is how you can do offline activation:

1. Click on the License info button in BI Connector UI.

2.  In the License screen,  press the keys ALT+O.  The offline activation screen will be displayed.

3.  Please copy the Computer ID and Computer Name displayed in the Offline Activation UI and email support@biconnector.com to request Offline activation.

4.   BI Connector Support team will email you a License key and Computer Key for offline activation.  Enter them in the Offline Activation Window.

5.  Click on Activate button.

6.  You would see Activation Successful message.

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lose7.  Close the Offline Activation window.   Close the License Activation window.  BI Connector is now ready for using with Tableau. 

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