If you do not see the list of OBIEE reports in Tableau, please check the following:

  1. Did you install the latest version of BI connector?  Reports is available in v2.0 or higher.  You can download the latest version from Free Trial page.  Please follow these instructions to upgrade to the latest version.  
  2. Reports connector is an add-on module to BI connector.  It requires a license key that includes Reports connector option.  Please check the following:
    1. Are you using the 30 day free trial license key?  This key provides Reports connectivity for 30 days.   If you have purchased a license key for Subject Area connector, and would like to try the Reports connector, use the 30 day free trial license key.  After the 30 day trial period, you can update or reactivate your license key.      
    2. If you purchased a Reports Connector license, then use that key.  
           Please follow the instructions to update/activate the license key.