Please follow the step by step instructions to generate RSL( Prompt answer XML ), so that we can diagnose your issue quickly.

  1. Go to  Start -> All Programs  -> MicroStrategy Products -> Developer.
  2. Enter the Microstrategy Server username and password.
  3. Under the project navigate to the folder where you have the report for which the RSL to be generated.
  4. Goto File -> New -> Document.
  5. Select Blank document in General Tab and press ok.
  6. Now select the report for which the RSL to be generated.
  7. Blank Document Editor will be opened.
  8. Goto Insert -> Auto Text -> Prompt Details.
  9. You will find a gray box with the text “{&PROMPTDETAILS}”. 
  10. Rename the text to “{&PROMPTXML}”.
  11. Go to View-> HTML
  12. Now answer the prompt.
  13. Press next until you completely answer all prompt and press finish.
  14. The XML string (RSL) will be displayed in the gray box.
  15. Copy the string and save it in a file.

Please upload/email the file to us. We will investigate and get back to you shortly.