Connect Tableau Desktop to Oracle Analytics Cloud(OAC) - BI Connector Desktop Edition - Step-by-Step Installation Guide

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BI Connector - Desktop Edition allows you to connect Tableau Desktop to Oracle Analytics Cloud(OAC).

The following is a general tutorial for installing and configuring BI Connector Desktop Edition.


BI Connector Desktop Edition v5.15 and above has the following pre-requisites:

  • OS: Windows Operating System - 64 bit.

  • Microsoft Power BI : Power BI Desktop Edition - 64 bit.

  • Administrator Privilege: Windows Administrator privilege for your PC to install BI Connector.  If you do not have the privilege to install software on your PC, then please contact your IT to help install BI Connector in your desktop.  

  • Internet Access: Internet access for online license activation.  

          Note:  If you do not have internet access or if you have proxy/firewall blocking access, then please refer to How do I do an offline activation of BI Connector License.

Step 1: Download

Download the latest version of BI Connector Desktop Edition from here.

Step 2: Uninstall BI Connector

If you have already installed any older versions of BI Connector on your PC, uninstall it by following the below steps.

  1. Close Tableau Desktop.

  2. Uninstall the existing BI Connector

              In your PC —> Go to Control Panel, Programs / Software, Uninstall BI Connector.

Step 3: Extract

Once the download is complete, 

  • Open BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64-Tableau-to-OAC.exe file which is a compressed file.  

  • Extract the file by double-clicking on it.  

  • The following 3 files will be extracted from the zip file.  

  1. BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64-Tableau-to-OAC(x.x.x.xxxx).exe

  2. BIConnector-Readmore-Tableau.txt 

  3. BIConnector-TrialLicenseKey-Tableau.txt

Step 4: Installation

Double click on BIConnector-Desktop-Edition-x64-Tableau-to-OAC(x.x.x.xxxx).exe. You will see the BI Connector Installer screen as shown below.

  Click on Next in the screen below.  


  In the following screen, review and (1) Accept the license agreement. Click (2) Next. 

In the next screen, note that BI Connector is installed in "C:\Program Files\BI Connector" folder by default. Click Install. 

 BI Connector is now installed in your PC. Verify that Launch ODBC Administrator is checked. Click Finish.  

The ODBC Data Sources Administrator UI will open.

You are now ready to configure BI Connector.

Step 5: License Activation

If this is the first time you have installed the BI Connector please follow the steps to activate license, if not continue to Step 6.

From the ODBC Data Source Administrator application, select the User DSN tab, click Add.  

In the Create New Data Source UI, select (1) BI Connector Driver and click (2) Finish.


BI Connector Activate License UI will be displayed.   

  1. Enter your information such as Name, Organization Name, Email Address, Phone Number. 

  2. The default 30-day trial license key will be displayed.   

  3. Click Activate. BI Connector will connect to Licensing Server and try to activate your trial license.

On successful activation, you will see the "Activation Successful" message. Click on Close.


Next,  you are now ready to configure the data source as described in Step 6.

Step 6: DSN Configuration 

Launch the ODBC Data Source Administrator application.

Note: If ODBC Data Sources Administrator screen does not open automatically from the previous step, you can search in Windows Search box for "ODBC" and select ODBC Data Sources (64-bit) to launch this screen.  

In the Create a New Data Source UI for BI Connector, enter the following information.

  1. Give a name to your Data Source, e.g, Northwind SA.

  2. Give a description of the Data Source, e.g, Northwind Subject Area.

  3. Enter the Server Name for your OAC instance in the Server Name field:
    Example for OAC: https// 
    Connecting to OAC server

    • If your server URL starts with http:// and has a port number (e.g., 9704), then use that port number (e.g., 9704).   

    • If your server URL starts with https:// and does not have a port number, then port number is typically 443.  

    • If your server URL starts with https:// and has a port number (e.g., 9804), then use that port number (e.g., 9804).

  4. Enter your OAC in User Id field.

  5. Enter your OAC password in Password field. For security reasons the password will not be stored and the user will have to authenticate every time a connection is made to the server. 

  1. Click on Test Connection to verify the connection. If the Test connection is successful, you will see the following window.  Click OK in the Test Connection UI.


After Successful Test Connection, click on Save.

Please refer to below articles for further configurations:

How to add Subject Area list in BI Connector?

How to add Reports list in BI Connector?

Congratulations! You are now ready to connect from Tableau Desktop to OAC.   

Now proceed to Step-by-Step User Guide for accessing Subject Areas from Tableau or Step-by-Step User Guide for accessing Reports from Tableau.

If you have any questions or issues, we are just a click away. Contact us at or file a ticket at our support portal.