[BI Connector v 6.x] Connect Tableau Desktop to Oracle OTBI, OAC, OAS, OBIEE, Fusion Analytics - BI Connector Desktop Edition - Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Modified on Thu, 11 Jul at 2:23 AM

This article is applicable for BI Connector v 6.x and above. The installation guide for older versions can be accessed here.

The BI Connector Desktop Edition helps you to connect Tableau Desktop to the following applications, and create intuitive visualizations in minutes:

  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) that's available as a part of
    • Oracle Fusion Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications
    • Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) Applications
    • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Applications
    • Oracle Fusion Customer Experience (CX) Applications
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)
  • Oracle Analytics Server (OAS)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 
  • Oracle OPERA Cloud
  • Taleo
  • NetSuite

The following is a general tutorial for installing and configuring BI Connector Desktop Edition.


BI Connector Desktop Edition has the following pre-requisites:

  • Operating System: Windows Operating System - 64 bit.
  • Tableau: Tableau Desktop for Windows - 64-bit.
  • Administrator Privilege: Windows Administrator privilege for your PC to install BI Connector.  If you do not have the privilege to install software on your PC, then please contact your IT to help install BI Connector on your PC.  
  • Internet Access: Though not a mandatory pre-requisite, it is highly recommended the PC (on which you install the connector) has access to the Internet. This will help you to activate the BI Connector license quickly and easily.  

          Note:  In case the machine doesn't have internet access, the connector will automatically walk you through the Offline activation process.

Step 1: Download

Download the latest version of BI Connector Desktop Edition from here.

Step 2: Installation

After download, just right click and Run as Administrator on the downloaded BI-Connector-Desktop-Edition-Tableau-Setup-x64(x.x.x.xxxx).exe file. You will see the BI Connector Installer screen as shown below. 

Note: Please close all the instances of Tableau or Power BI desktop if any are opened.

Please select 'Yes' to allow the downloaded file to run, just in case if you're prompted by a windows pop-up asking "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"

Next, read the agreement, and select I accept the agreement, and click on Next

BI Connector End User License Agreement

Next, check the Create a desktop shortcut box if you'd like to access the BI Connector application from the Desktop. Then click Next.

BI Connector create a desktop shortcut

Now click on Install

Click Install

Next, the installation starts running (and usually ends in a couple of seconds).

BI Connector installation running

Once it completes, click Finish.

BI Connector installation finished

Awesome! You've successfully installed the BI Connector. Now its time to start using the connector by creating your account and activating the license key.

Step 3: License Activation

By now, the BI Connector app would have launched on your screen. Please select "Yes" if a Windows pop-up opens asking if you want to allow this app to make changes in your device.

Please provide a valid business email, check the box after reading the terms, and click on Create Account button.

BI Connector account creation screen

In the next screen, click on Edit for the User Information, and enter the required info and click on Save.
Note: Please enter a valid business email, as invalid emails would result in failure of license activations.

Enter user information

Next, under License Information, please enter the license key and click on Activate.

Note If you're not seeing an Activate button at this point, please perform an Offline activation by following the                 steps here.

Activate license key

If the license key entered is valid, a short message conveying the successful activation will be displayed as highlighted in the image below.

Successful license activation message in BI Connector

Now you're just a minute away from visualizing your Oracle data in Tableau Desktop. With BI Connector, you can connect to the following Data Source type(s) in your Oracle application:

  • Data Models
  • Analysis
  • Subject Areas

Please refer to the articles below to create connections in the BI Connector app, based on the Data Source type(s) you want to connect to.

Steps to Create Connection to Data Model

Steps to Create Connection to Analysis

Steps to Create Connection to Subject Areas