How can I provide a group of Tableau users (e.g., C-level users) access to a broader set of OBIEE Subject Areas?

Modified on Wed, 18 May, 2016 at 8:43 PM

Let us say you would like to allow a group of Tableau users ( a privileged group – say ‘C’ level execs) the ability to connect to OBIEE and see a broader access than they would natively have, while also allowing other Tableau users to connect to OBIEE as their own personal ID with their native access.  Here is how this can be achieved with BI connector.

  1. Set up a service account in OBIEE with access to the required subject areas that the C-level users would like to access.
  2. In Tableau,  create a BI Connector-OBIEE datasource using the OBIEE service account.  If needed, create custom worksheets that are needed for the C-level users.   
  3. In Tableau server, create a separate group for just the C-level users. 
  4. Publish the data source and the worksheets to this newly created group.  This datasource and worksheets would be accessible only by the C-level user group.
  5. Login to Tableau server, update the datasource connection to embed the username/password.  Use the OBIEE service account username/password.  This would enable the C-level users to access the datasource and worksheets without a separate login for OBIEE.   
  6. C-level users can now login to Tableau server and access the datasource and worksheets without a separate login for the OBIEE.  

For the rest of users (who need to login using their OBIEE username/password), you can create a similar datasource but do not embed the OBIEE username/password.  This would require the other users to login with their OBIEE username and password when connecting to the OBIEE datasource.