[BI Connector v6.x] How to Activate the BI Connector License Offline?

Modified on Thu, 11 Jul at 2:32 AM

When attempting to enter the license key in the BI Connector application, some users might see a message (as highlighted below), asking them to perform an Offline activation:

BI Connector Offline Activation


If you’re facing the same scenario, please follow the steps below to perform an Offline activation!


  1. Click on the Generate Offline Activation File button. You’ll be prompted to save the generated file, named offlineActivationRequest. Please save the file in a location that’s convenient for you.

  2. Click on Continue button

  3. Copy the link shown above the Continue button

  4. Next, open a browser and paste the URL and hit Enter.

    Note – If your machine doesn’t have Internet access, please carry out the steps 4 to 7 in another machine with Internet access. You’ll also need to transfer the offlineActivationRequest file (generated in step 1) to the machine with Internet access at this point.

  5. Next, in the page that appears, please click on Choose file.

  6. In the file selection pop up that opens, please naviagate and select the offlineActivationRequest file, and click Open.

  7. Next, click on the Activate button. Now a file, named responseFile.dat would be downloaded.

    Note – Before the next step, if you’re following these steps on a different machine (other than the one on which you activate the license), please transfer the response file back to the machine on which you want to activate the license.

  8. Next, go to the BI Connector application (in the machine on which you want to activate the license), please click on Continue again.

  9. Next, click on the Upload & Verify Response File button.

  10. In the file selection pop-up that opens, please navigate to the location of responeFile.dat file and select the file and click Open.

  11. Then click on the Activate button.

  12. If the responseFile.dat was valid, you’ll see a message confirming that the license has been activated successfully will be shown at the top right as highlighted below.

    Now that your license is successfully activated, the useful links at this point are mentioned below:

    BI Connector for Power BI
    BI Connector for Tableau